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RESO Web API Replacing RETS Update

The RESO Web API is quickly replacing RETS all over the country, in fact the RESO website has a sunsetting update page that shows an accelerating rate of adoption by MLS boards as well as their brokers and agents. If your website or internal applications rely on RETS data, eventually you will need to move to the RESO Web API as support for RETS becomes increasingly limited.

The technical differences between the RESO Web API and RETS are too numerous to list, but to sum it up it's a complete apples vs oranges situation. In fact any software that has been built around the RETS specifications will eventually become obsolete.

RETS Developer

If you need a RESO Web API developer, please contact me and I can help you create solutions based on the RESO Web API.

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I have worked with over 50 different MLS boards throughout the USA can help you navigate these feeds to transition from RETS to RESO Web API.

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